Welcome to Wharf Hill Brewing Company. Wharf Hill has been the center of Smithfield since 1752. Climb uphill and you’ll see the 1750 Courthouse and the 1752 Inn. Stumble downhill and you could catch a steamboat on the Pagan River. During segregation, “The Hill” was the center of Smithfield’s black business district. Our home was built in 1906 and belonged to the Improved Elks, an African-American Fraternal Organization, from 1919 until 2011. The Elks met upstairs and rented out the 1st floor shops to black business owners. Our dining room formerly housed the Paradise Inn, Tunney Tynes’ Pool Hall, and Dr. Booker’s Dentist Office. Our event space sheltered several barbers and their dapper customers, and our barroom was rented by Henry Tynes, local undertaker. Poke around the brewpub and you’ll find elements of the two-room Comet School House (ca. 1900), a three-story house from Chuckatuck (ca. 1840), the Old Dominion Steam Boat Company’s bell (ca. 1900), and a dugout canoe found in Mill Swamp in the droughty summer of 1980 (ca. OLD). WHBC is now a full-service restaurant, bar, and craft brewery that also offers an event space for special functions. We feature beers by our brewers, Ryan Phenicie and Sam Horchler.  Now take a load off with friends and fellows and rediscover with us the art of Smithfield’s hospitality and comradery. Cheers! — W. Lee Duncan, Owner

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Meet Sarah - Our staff spotlights are getting fewer and farther between since we’ve been busier, but I promise to keep them coming.  Let’s meet Sarah.       Quick Facts: Name: Sarah Parker Age: 22, Bday 12/28 Position: Server Birthplace: Virginia Beach Favorite WHBC Beer Wine: Riesling Favorite WHBC […]
Meet Janna - Keeping up with the not always on schedule Staff Spotlights, meet Janna! Quick Facts: Name: Janna Williams Age: 21, bday 6/2 Position: Server Hometown: Suffolk, VA Favorite WHBC food: Crabcakes or Prime Rib Education: Suffolk Christian, ODU  _____________________________________________________________________ WHBC: Let’s get this party started.  How […]
Meet Justin -  Things were a little busy for us this fall, so I’ve been slacking on the staff interviews.  But I am back on track, and ready to present the next Staff Spotlight.  Let’s meet Justin… Quick Facts: Name: Justin Walker Age: […]
Meet the new brewers! - As many of you have heard by now, Greg Bullis, our original brewer has left the pub.  We saw this as an opportunity to make some changes and try new things.  I’m introducing you today to Ryan Phenicie and Sam […]
Meet Noel - That’s N-O-E-L. None of that double L with and extra E business.  She was ever so patient waiting for her Staff Spotlight interview.  Please read on… Quick Facts: Name: Noel Jordan Age: 20, Birthday 11/22 Position: Server Birthplace: Virginia Beach, but calls Smithfield her […]
Meet Wade - We are continuing our Staff Spotlight series this week with Wade!  Read on… Quick Facts: Name: Wade Thompson Age: 33, Birthday 4/21 Position: Line cook Hometown: Newport News, VA Favorite Beer: Dark Hollow Favorite WHBC Food: Different Chicken Sandwich Education: Warwick High School WHBC: Hey Wade!  I’ll start […]
Meet Rachel - The next spotlight  in our “Meet Wharf Hill” series is pointing at Rachel.  You’ve seen her and her amazing smile on any given night at the pub.  Now we can get to know her a little better… Quick Facts: Name: Rachel George […]
Meet Pam - Our spotlight this week in our “Meet Wharf Hill” series is shining on  Pam.  There is seriously nothing she can’t do; she keeps this place chugging right along.  I actually did her interview last week, but was a total slacker and […]
Meet Sam - I caught up with Sam for a few minutes before his dinner shift last week.  Let’s meet him… Quick Facts: Name: Sam Horchler Age: 26, Birthday 9/30 Position: Line Cook Hometown: Lorton VA Favorite WHBC  Beer: Outage IPA Favorite WHBC Food: Non-wontons Education: ODU-communications WHBC: Hey there Man Sam! […]
Meet Tami - Poor Tami had to wait forever it seems for her interview.  I was on vacation, then had surgery so I was laid up and couldn’t write or type!  So here we are…meet Tami! Quick Facts: Name: Tami Ducceschi Age: 36, Birthday April […]

Our Hours

DUE TO THE SIZE OF OUR DINING ROOM, WE DO NOT ACCEPT RESERVATIONS.  LARGE GROUPS OF 8 OR MORE, PLEASE CALL AHEAD FOR SINCLAIR ROOM AVAILABILITY. Large parties will be seated once most of your party arrives.  Seating can only be guaranteed if your group reserves the Sinclair Room in advance and pays a deposit.  NO PARTIES ARE BOOKED ON FRIDAY EVENINGS OR ANYTIME SATURDAY Monday – Thursday: 11:30 a.m. – 11 p.m.  Last seating in dining room at 9pm.  Late night menu 9:15p-10:30pm. Friday-Saturday: 11:30 a.m. – Midnight  Last seating in dining room at 9:45pm.  Late night menu 10:00-11:30pm. Sunday: 11:30 a.m. – 10 p.m.  Last seating in dining room at 8:45pm.  Late night menu 9:00p-9:30pm. Last call for drinks is 30 minutes before closing time.

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