Welcome to Wharf Hill Brewing Company!  We’re glad you’re here!

Wharf Hill has been the center of Smithfield since 1752. Climb uphill and you’ll see the 1750 Courthouse and the 1752 Inn. Stumble downhill and you could catch a steamboat on the Pagan River. During segregation, “The Hill” was the center of Smithfield’s black business district. Our home was built in 1906 and belonged to the Improved Elks, an African-American Fraternal Organization, from 1919 until 2011. The Elks met upstairs and rented out the 1st floor shops to black business owners. Our dining room formerly housed the Paradise Inn, Tunney Tynes’ Pool Hall, and Dr. Booker’s Dentist Office. Our event space sheltered several barbers and their dapper customers, and our barroom was rented by Henry Tynes, local undertaker. Poke around the brewpub and you’ll find elements of the two-room Comet School House (ca. 1900), a three-story house from Chuckatuck (ca. 1840), the Old Dominion Steam Boat Company’s bell (ca. 1900), and a dugout canoe found in Mill Swamp in the droughty summer of 1980 (ca. OLD).

WHBC is now a full-service restaurant, bar, and craft brewery that also offers an event space for special functions. We feature beers by our brewers, Ryan Phenicie and Sam Horchler, including the Isle of Wheat, Interstellar IPA, and Holy Brale.

When you come in, you’ll not find TVs or Wifi, but you will be greeted by the friendliest staff in town and engage in quality conversation with those around you.  Now take a load off with friends and fellows and rediscover with us the art of Smithfield’s hospitality and comradery. Cheers!