Meet Joe

Joe2 Our second installment of “Meet Wharf Hill” zooms in on Joe.  I cornered him last week in the kitchen just before the Thursday dinner rush…

Quick Facts:
Name: Joseph Thomas Connelly
Age: 27
Position: Head Cook
Romantic Status: Single
Birthplace: Bradford, PA
Favorite Beer: Isle of Wheat
Education: Graduate, Smithfeld High School
WHBC: How did you get started in restaurants?
Joe: My mom was working as a server at Angelo’s Steak House and they needed a dishwasher, so I applied.
WHBC: How old were you?
J: 15.
WHBC: From dishwasher, you moved up to the cook line?
J: Yes, sir.
WHBC: As Angelo’s is no more (it stood on Church Street where the Rescue Squad building is now located), how many restaurants have you worked in during your 12-year career?
J: Eight.
WHBC: Where did you work before starting here?
J: The Plaid Turnip in Suffolk.
WHBC: Cool.  That place is fun. Of the eight restaurants you worked in, which is your favorite?
J: Wharf Hill, of course.
WHBC: I guess I deserved that.  When the dining room is slammed and the kitchen printer is spitting orders like mad, how do you guys keep it together?
J: I just keep my head down and keep going.  For me, the crazier, the better.
WHBC: Right on. What was your busiest day ever?
J: Me and another guy did a $5,000 St Patty’s Day Dinner.
WHBC: I’ve seen your guys rolling behind the line for hours straight and then clean everything down, wrap it up and leave dog tired.  How do you unwind after a a heavy shift?
J: I walk around the neighborhood, maybe drink a couple or beers…listen to music.
WHBC: What sort of music do you like?
J: Melodic Death Metal.
WHBC:  Hmm.  Last question: what is your life’s ambition?
J: To own a pub like my family did back in Ireland.  My grandfather came over on the boat in the 1920’s.
WHBC: Thanks for your hard work, Joe.  Keep gettin’ up.
J: Thank you.
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