Meet Preston


Our spotlight this week in our “Meet Wharf Hill” series shines down on Preston.  I was able to catch a few minutes with him before lunch last week…

Quick Facts:
Name: Preston Bremus
Age: 23
Birthday: August 5th
Position: Server
Birthplace: Roanoke, VA (moved here at age 2)
Favorite Beer: Sinclair’s Revenge
Education: Smithfeld High; 2 years each at North Carolina Wesleyan and Old Dominion University.  Majored in Information Sciences and minored in Communications.

WHBC: How long have you worked at Wharf Hill?
Preston: About a month and a half.
WHBC: Have you worked at other restaurants before?
P: Yeah, I lived in OBX one summer and worked Barefoot Bernies.  My cousin had a beach house there.
WHBC: So you lived in a beach house for the summer?  That must have been awful.
P: Yeah, it was terrible.  I got to spend a lot of time on the beach running and playing soccer.  While I wasn’t working, I got to play in a soccer league with a group of Mexican soccer players.
WHBC: So, I’m hearing soccer is kind of your thing.
P: I’ve played for 12 years. I’m an assistant coach at Smithfield for the JV and Varsity teams. I get to run some practices myself.  I played for NC Wesleyan and ODU both for two years also.
WHBC: Do you hope to play professionally somewhere?
P: Hopefully!  I don’t have a loyalty anywhere – I will play wherever they’re going to pay me!  I’ve played semi-pro.  I can play any position except goalie.
WHBC: That’s very cool. So what else do you do for fun.  Other than soccer, obviously!
P: Well, I’m usually practicing, playing or watching soccer.  If not, I read a little.  I take my dog, Gracie, to the park.
WHBC: Do you have brothers and sisters?
P: Yeah, I’ve got one brother and a step brother and sister.
WHBC: So, what is your favorite thing about working here?
P: I love to try and make someone’s day.  I like to see people happy.
WHBC: What happens when it gets so busy you feel like you’re falling behind?  What do you do?
P: Just focus on each table while you’re with them and do my best for them. Hopefully all my other tables see that and show a little grace when I get to them! Working summers in OBX helped me be prepared for busy times.
WHBC: That’s a good way to look at things!  What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you with a customer here?
P: One time I was serving a table and this lady was here with her family.  She kept pretending to be British and speaking with an accent, but she’d forget.  So sometimes when I came back, she’d be American again.
WHBC: How do you know she wasn’t British trying to be American?!
P: I guess I don’t!  But her family was American, so I assumed the other way.
WHBC: Alright, last question… if someone walked in and said they had a time machine out front and wanted you to use it, to when would you go?
P: That’s tough!  You could change history! I guess I’d like to go back to meet George Washington just to see what he was like.
WHBC: Maybe run against him for President?
P: Ha! Yeah. Or talk war tactics.  Who knows.
WHBC: Thanks for taking the time Preston!  It was very cool talking with you!
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