Meet Meagan

This week’s staff spotlight focuses on one of our managers, Meagan.  We had ourselves a fun little conversation before opening one day last week…

Meagan 2


 Quick Facts:
Name: Meagan Pugh
Age: 29 (she turns 30 on May 24th!!!)
Position: Manager
Birthplace: just outside Philadelphia, moved here at age 11
Favorite WHBC Beer: Any IPA – “I like ’em hoppy”
Favorite WHBC Food: The Non Wontons
Education: Governor’s School for the Arts, VCU with degrees in photography and business

WHBC: Here we are.  Hello!  So, I hear that your family owns a vineyard.
Meagan: My parents own SummerWind Vineyards.  My mom was a Master Gardener and President of the Arts League at one point, and having vines started as a bit of a hobby for her.  She started with just a couple of vines and now we have 12-15 acres full.  All our grapes are sold to Smithfield Winery now.  Wine and craft beer are a lot alike; they are conversation starters.
WHBC: That’s great they keep the grapes local!
M: They used to sell to wineries in Williamsburg too, but once the Smithfield Winery opened, they all went there.
WHBC: I’m sure you helped your parents in the vineyard, but how did you get into the restaurant business?
M: My parents owned a family restaurant outside of Philly until about a year and a half ago.  I worked for them full time doing a little bit of everything.
WHBC: How did you come to work here?
M: The timing was just right.  WHBC was just opening and I was looking.  I was hired as a manager at the start and have been here since.
WHBC: Your degree in business helps, I’m sure.  Now that you’re out of college, did you ever use your photography degree?
M: I’ve always been interested in art.  The thing I didn’t like about college was that you had to focus on one specific thing.  So I picked photography.  But I like to paint and create other things; the wreaths hanging in here were made by me.  I like to paint portraits also.
{aside}:  You can see all of Meagan’s art on her Facebook page!!
WHBC: What would be your dream job?
M: To make money as an artist.  I like art so much, I spend so much time and money to create something and get so pumped and invested in it, I don’t end up making money from it.
WHBC: In the meantime though, you are here at Wharf Hill.  What is your favorite thing about working here?
M: I think Smithfield has needed a place like this for a long time.  The sense of camaraderie and family here is great.   We have great customers and staff; I enjoy working with literally everyone here.
WHBC: When things get super crazy here, how do you manage?
M: Just don’t get flustered.  I’ve been doing this a long time so I’m used to things getting a little crazy. When it gets busy, you just have to prioritize what needs to be done.  At the end of everything, you’re only one person who can do only so many things at once.
WHBC: What is the craziest thing that’s happened to you at work?
M: That’s hard!  I think everyday, there is something to laugh about.  That really is the key to serving – staying happy.
WHBC: So when you’re done working, what do you do to unwind?
M: Have a beer! haha.  I think most people in the service industry like to have other people wait on them for a change.
WHBC: What customer sticks out most in your mind?
M: Oh, so many!  I hate to leave anyone out.  3 o’clock Bob – we tease him if he comes in and it’s not actually 3! Fred, Karen, April, Mike, Connie, Julian – they’re all super nice.
WHBC: So one last question because I know it’s your day off.  Just for fun, if you were to walk into a spiderweb, what would you do?
M: Flail around spastically and then be paranoid the rest of the day that a spider was in my hair.  When I was younger, we’d have picnics.  To be funny, my dad would tie beetles to a string and pretend to fly  them around my head.  I would flail around so the string would wrap around my head.  So I then would lose my mind and continue to flail around the whole picnic until I got it off me.  Everyone would be laughing, and I’m sitting on the ground sobbing.  THAT was my childhood which is why I can tell people now, no matter what’s going on, to suck it up!
WHBC: {at this point I’m laughing hysterically also}  That’s funny.  Well now it’s funny, though I’m sure it wasn’t then.  Thanks for hanging out today Meagan!
Meagan 1
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