Meet Traun

This week, we will spotlight Traun.  I caught him for a few minutes before his shift last week.

Traun 1

Quick Facts:
Name: Traun Greene
Age: 36 – Bday Nov 24 (he’s 2 days older than me!)
Position: Kitchen supervisor
Birthplace: Smithfield, VA
Favorite WHBC Beer: Bell Ringer
Favorite WHBC Food: A different chicken sandwich
Education: Smithfield High, Johnson & Wales

WHBC: Thanks for not hiding from me in the kitchen!
Traun: Haha.  No problem.
WHBC: So, how long have you been at Wharf?
T: Since we opened. I worked at CW Cowlings for 13 years.  I left there to work at Ruby Tuesday, but it was just too corporate for me.  So when I heard about the opening here, I came in.
WHBC: What do you like about working here?
T: I like the family feel.  Dave lets us be creative too.  We can make new stuff if we want.  There’s a light mood here to that make me want to work.
WHBC: So what exactly do you do for the kitchen?
T: Most of the time I make sure things are stocked and everything looks good before it leaves the kitchen.  I want to make sure the customers enjoy what we make them.
WHBC: What happens in your mind when it gets slammed?
T: I’ve been at this so long, I just go on auto; it just kicks in.  I do what has to be done.  Sometimes I jump in on the line.  I think it makes it a little easier for me because I’ve been trained by so many great people.
WHBC: Has there ever been anything super crazy to happen to you at work?
T: One night during a storm, the lights went out.  The kitchen was pitch black – you couldn’t see anything.  We couldn’t see, people were falling down the stairs.  Oh and there was another time that Alex (who isn’t here anymore) mix bleach and another chemical while he was cleaning and  put it in a hot skillet.  He made this cloud of noxious gas that filled the kitchen.
WHBC: So he pretty much tried to poison everyone?
T: {laughing} Yeah. Haha.  We had to open all the doors to air it out.
WHBC: I’m glad everyone survived. What would people say is the best part about working with you?
T: Probably that I am always ready to work and usually in a good mood.
WHBC: Have you ever hurt yourself in a weird way?  (I don’t know why I ask this question other than to laugh at other people’s situations)
T: I cut my finger with a piece of toast.  A little paper cut.  And once I almost cut my finger off?
WHBC: With the toast?!
T: Haha. No – with the slicer.  Things just happen sometimes.
WHBC: Happy to hear there’s never been any death by toast.
WHBC: Enough about work – what do you do for fun?
T:My girlfriend, her son and I just got a new house, so now I mostly do yard work and stuff.  We play with our new puppy.
WHBC: Are you a music fan?
T: I listen to rap, mostly.  Old school rap. When I was a kid I got to meet and hang out with Wu Tang Clan because they lived near a friend of mine.
WHBC: That’s a pretty cool story to be able to tell.
T: Yeah, I tell that one a lot!
WHBC: So, here’s weird question for you.. if you had a super power, what would it be?
T: That’s hard.  Probably flight; the freedom to go wherever whenever.
WHBC: Do you like to travel? What’s your favorite place you’ve been?
T: Washington D.C.  My aunt lives there and I used to go every summer.  We’re going again soon.
WHBC: See, if you had the ability to fly, you wouldn’t have to pay any baggage fees!
T: Ha! That’s true.
WHBC: Alright, I know you’re a busy man and have to get to work.  Thanks for hanging out!
Traun 2
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