Meet Peter

This week’s staff spotlight is on Peter, our newly clean shaven bartender/manager.  Let’s have a look…
Quick Facts:
Name: Peter Catron
Age: 27, Birthday Sept 17th
Position: Manager
Birthplace: Carrollton, VA
Favorite WHBC  Beer: NAP Porter
Favorite WHBC Food: Shrimp & Grits
Education: Smithfield High, Virginia Tech, TCC, Community College of Beaver County

WHBC: So here we are finally! {I was supposed to interview Peter a few weeks ago but he just HAD to go on a trip to Europe instead of staying and talking to me}.  So it appears you’ve got a largely varied education.  What is your degree in?
P: I have an Associates in Air Traffic Control.  I started out going to Virginia Tech for engineering and decided I didn’t like it.  So ultimately, I ended up in Air Traffic Control.  I hope to work for the FAA; they’ve slowed hiring this past year, but it should open up again at the end of the summer, so I hope to be picked up.
WHBC: Anywhere specific you want to go?
P: I’d like to either stay local or head to Atlanta.  I’m a big fan of that city, my favorite teams are there, and it’s a busy airport, which means more money for me!
WHBC: Very cool!  But in the meantime, you are here.  How long have you been here?
P: Since April 2015, a week after opening.  Robert called me on a Friday to offer me to job.  I started the next day.  I started as a server, then trained to be a bartender, then started managing this past April.
WHBC: What’s your favorite thing about working here?
P: The people, definitely. I have worked in restaurants before and remember looking ahead at the schedule and dreading seeing names on the schedule with mine.  That just doesn’t happen here.  Everyone here makes everyone else’s job easier.  We have heat of the moment issues sometimes, but by the end of the shift, things are usually cool.  In other restaurants, there’s usually tension between servers and the kitchen staff and it’s just not like that here.
{For the record, every single person I’ve asked this question of has had the same basic answer.  Our staff absolutely rocks!}
WHBC: What’s your favorite position you’ve worked?
P: Bartender.  Hands down.  I bugged the crap out of Robert to give me a chance behind the bar.  It feels less robotic.  When I’m a server, I feel like Peter the Server, but when I’m behind the bar, I can have genuine conversations with people.  I get a chance to talk to mostly everyone for a time because they are all right in front of me.  It is busier that way, but I enjoy it.
WHBC: So what do you do when it gets super busy? How do you deal?
P: I just put my head down and knock things out.  I try to not look at the big picture, just a bunch of little ones and focus on one at a time.  And I am not afraid to ask the manager on duty for help.  They all know now.  I give them this look and they just know I need help.
WHBC: So there’s actually a thing called “The Peter Look”?
P: Not officially. Haha.
WHBC: What is your favorite day to work?
P: Sundays.  The run club on Sunday is great. {He likes us!  He really likes us!}.  Once I learned how to handle y’all and get the procedure down when all twenty or so of you come in at once, I loved it!
WHBC: Do you have a favorite regular customer?  Other than the Wharf Hill Chuggers, of course!
P: 3 o’clock Bob.  He calls me Pierre.  He’s super easy to talk to.  Pretty much any low maintenance, easy to talk to person is a bartender’s dream.  Mike & Trish come in on weekends.  When they first started coming in, I felt bad because I could not remember their names for the longest time, though they remembered mine.  They are very patient and easy to talk with.
WHBC: So, you mentioned Bob calls you Pierre.  I assume that had something to do with your mustache.  You knew I would have to speak with you about this…
P: Haha.  I knew it would come up!
WHBC: Were people traumatized when you shaved your mustache off?  I always told people your mustache was amazing; like if it spoke to me and told me to do something, I wouldn’t even question the fact it was talking facial hair.  It was epic.
P:  Ha!  Yes, people took it a little personally.  One regular almost cried when she saw me clean shaven.  I started with Noshember and it kind of just went from there.  I’d never really grown facial hair before, so I wanted to see where I could take it.
WHBC: That’s incredible for a facial hair rookie!  Well done!  So onto things other than work and facial hair… what do you like to do in your spare time?
P:  I just got back from Spain & Italy; I enjoy traveling, but I like doing stuff around here.  I visit other breweries.  Not only from a competitor standpoint, but to find new watering holes.  I’ve also just gotten back into running too.
WHBC: Am I speaking to a future Chugger then?
P: Ha!  maybe if I can manage to get Mondays off, but not in the summer.  It’s too hot!  I used to run in high school, then in ROTC at Tech, but I had no self motivation after that. I’m a work in progress right now.
WHBC: Aren’t we all?  So what’s your favorite music to listen to?  Any favorite bands?
P: I like Indie stuff.  Radiohead, Carseat Headrest, My Morning Jacket, and Parquet Courts.
WHBC: I love Radiohead!  That’s nostalgic music for me right there.  So last question; I always like to end with an off the wall type.  If you were offered a trip in a time machine, where and when would you go?
P: Well, I have no memory of my paternal grandfather.  I think I’d like to go back and meet him to see what he’s like and spend time with him.
WHBC: Aw, what a cool answer.  Well Peter, thank you for the interview.
For those of you who miss Peter’s ‘stache, I made him one to wear for a picture so we could all commiserate and reminisce.
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