Meet Will

Welcome to this week’s staff spotlight.  Let’s have a chat with Will, shall we?
WIll 2
Quick Facts:
Name: Will Pruden
Age: 29, Birthday May 15th
Position: Dishwasher/prep cook
Hometown: Smithfield, VA
Favorite WHBC  Beer: Isle of Wheat
Favorite WHBC Food: Chicken Wings
Education: Smithfield High School

WHBC: Hey Will!  I’ll start with the basics; how long have you worked here?
W: Since day 1.  My dad had looked into doing some woodworking here and I asked him if they were hiring.  Came in and filled out an application and the rest is history.
WHBC: What position did you start in?
W: I started out cooking.  I got to stand over in the little corner with AC when I did dishes, so I kind of just moved over there.
WHBC: What’s your favorite position of the three you’ve worked?
W: Prep for sure.  It’s the easiest and nobody really bothers you.  I just throw my headphones in and get to work.
WHBC: What’s your favorite thing about working here?
W: Time flies.  You’ll be working and it’s one minute and then you look up and two hours has passed.
WHBC:  Do you have a favorite person to work with and why?
W: Meagan because she gives me back rubs. haha
WHBC: I should start working in the pub more often if that’s the case!  You work full time; what do you do in your spare time?
W: Yeah I work 5-7 shifts a week.  When I’m not working I just like to sit down and relax on my back porch.  I like to go fishing all along the James.  I’m also a commercial fisherman; oystering and crabbing.  I’m the resident oyster shucker here.  My family owns Brown’s Marina in Rescue, so I’ve been doing that a while.
WHBC: You were born here?  Have you ever left or wanted to leave?
W: Yup born here, and no I don’t want to leave.  This is where it’s at; there’s water everywhere.  I like vacations, but I like living here.
WHBC: Your family is here also, I assume. How many siblings do you have?
W: Two older brothers.  They tormented me and made me into the person I am today!
WHBC: Haha.  Do you have a favorite childhood memory?  Anything that sticks out that you’ll always remember?
W: So, I got my thumb stuck in my grandpa’s pickup.  There’s a little hole in the tailgate and I was pushing my thumb in there and it got stuck.  We had to drive cross the JRB to the hospital so they could use the jaws of life to get my hand free.  The paramedics had to ride in the bed of the truck with me, we had a police escort, it was a pretty big deal.
WHBC: Oh my gosh haha!!  You’re good to go now though, right?  Two working thumbs?
W: *gives me a double thumbs up and a big grin*
WHBC: Excellent.  What is something a lot of people might not know about you?
W:  I guess that I can tell you anything you want to know about the water or seafood.  I’ve been on the water my whole life.  I know all the waterways very well.
WHBC: Cool!  So, weird question time.  Because that’s kind of my thing.  I’ve heard you’re an animal person.  If you could come back in another life as an animal, what would you choose?
W:  A turtle for sure.  They live a very chill life.
WHBC: You seem pretty laid back yourself.  Do you have any life words of wisdom?
W: I guess I’d say not all who wander are lost.
WHBC: Tolkien is very wise!  Will, thank you for the interview!
Will 1
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