Meet Noel

That’s N-O-E-L. None of that double L with and extra E business.  She was ever so patient waiting for her Staff Spotlight interview.  Please read on…


Quick Facts:
Name: Noel Jordan
Age: 20, Birthday 11/22
Position: Server
Birthplace: Virginia Beach, but calls Smithfield her home town!
Favorite WHBC Beer: Isle of Wheat
Favorite WHBC Food: The Different Chicken Sandwich
Education: Smithfield High

WHBC: Thank you so much for waiting so patiently for your interview!
Noel: No problem!
WHBC: Well, let’s get down to it.  How long have you been at WHBC?
N: Since the beginning.  I came in to fill out an application and Robert said he wouldn’t hire me because I had no experience.  But we see how that worked out.  It was unexpected!  I was happy for the change from my other job.
WHBC: What were you doing before this?
N: I worked at Smithfield Animal Hospital for 2 years.  It was really hard because some people bring in their animals and the animals are neglected.  That was so sad, I hated that part.  So I was ready for a new job.  I had worked a little for my mom at Sesroh, but not normally.  I don’t really care for horses, but she got one daughter who does!
WHBC: Since this is your first serving experience, what do you think?
N: I love it!  I think I’m really good at it actually.  This job is a lot of fun; you get to meet new people and the regular customers are great.  The tie guys remember when I was new and tell me how far I’ve come.  They still haven’t given me a tie though!
WHBC: Haha.  I bet they will now!  Do you have a favorite thing about working here?  A favorite shift?
N: My favorite thing is definitely Meagan’s back rubs.  She just comes around and surprises you with a stress relieving back massage.
WHBC: I’ve heard about these – I think I need in on that action! {aside – she gave me a back rub the other day!!  It was all it was cracked up to be!}  What about your favorite shift?
N: Definitely nights.  Days are nice and slow, but I really like the fast pace of nights because you don’t really have time to stand still.
WHBC: Other than Meagan, clearly, do you have favorite people you like to work with?
N: Everyone is really nice and helpful.  I do like working with Sarah because she’s quirky and Rachel because she always helps me out.
WHBC: How to you manage yourself when it gets really busy?
N: Just prioritize.  Get my orders in as quickly as possible.  Having a food runner on staff has been really nice because then I feel like I can focus more on my tables.
WHBC: Right on.  Enough about work – tell me about some of your hobbies.
N: I love acting.  I’ve been in plays at SLT, one (The Sting) with Lee and Robert.  I played a burlesque dancer and a secretary having an affair.  I was only 17 so people thought it was funny for me to play those roles.  Robert remembered me, but I don’t think Lee did.  This winter I am auditioning for Of Mice and Men.   I’m glad it’s not a musical because I cannot sing!  I’ve been in two plays at SLT and 4 in high school.
WHBC: What was the best one for you?
N: The Wiz for sure.  Because we couldn’t get the rights to the Wizard of Oz, we did that one.  It allowed us to be a little more creative.  I was the stage manager for that one; I like working behind the scenes and costume shopping.
WHBC: So you’re a creative – any other creative hobbies?
N: I like to write – mostly short stories.  I had almost a whole book written, but then my computer crashed and I lost it all.  I like to write about medieval times.  It’s fun to research and figure out the history.  I learned more by doing that than I did in history class!
WHBC: Very cool!  When you were in high school, did you want to be an actress?
N: I did!  I actually traveled to London for a theater camp when I was 15.  It was my first time alone away from home and the guy running it was scary and bossy.  We couldn’t call home, so it was like prison!  But we got to see some plays and tour around, so it was fun.  I started originally with the summer camp at SLT.  I wish they did more plays rather than musicals.
WHBC: Have you thought about going to school for it?
N: I have, but I’m just not a good school person.  I get test anxiety.  CNU is really good for acting, but you kind of need money to go to school.  My two sisters are already in college, so I’m sure my parents wouldn’t want to pay for one more and have 3 kids in college at once!
WHBC: That would be a big chunk of change.  So tell me Noel…what is one thing very few people know about you?
N: I sleep with my eyes open.  My parents would always come check on me and tell me they thought I was awake because my eyes were open.  I have special eye drops I use everyday because my eyes dry out.
WHBC: That is so strange haha!  I don’t know how I would react to seeing that!  So just a few more questions here.  If you could talk to your younger self, what would you say?
N: “Stop comparing yourself to your sister!!” We are only 17 months apart and I always felt like I had to live up to who she is.  I finally realized we are totally different people and who I am is fine too.  I spent so much time trying to force myself to that standard, I freaked myself out.
WHBC: As the middle child I totally get it.  I compared myself to my brother and my sister did to me.  Glad that’s over! haha.  Final question – if you could change one thing about our world, what would it be?
N: I just want everyone to get along.  We all have differences, and I would love if people looked inside themselves and asked if those differences really ♫♫ Why can’t we be friends? ♫♫
WHBC: I could not agree more!  Thanks for hanging out today Noel!

Keep reading to hear what it’s like working with Noel…

Aubrey: “She is always a pleasure to work with as she is there to help if needed and is a great team player.”
Rachel: “Noel Knows her stuff she’s been working there since we opened and when I started that’s who I would come to with all my questions. She’s full of sass and reminds me of a princess! A Classic beauty that can pull off the red lipstick better than anyone I know.”
Tami: “She’s a go-getter, always aware of who’s on what base, and very dependable. She’s very good w/customers.”
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