Meet Janna

Keeping up with the not always on schedule Staff Spotlights, meet Janna!
Quick Facts:
Name: Janna Williams
Age: 21, bday 6/2
Position: Server
Hometown: Suffolk, VA
Favorite WHBC food: Crabcakes or Prime Rib
Education: Suffolk Christian, ODU
WHBC: Let’s get this party started.  How long have you worked here?
Janna: It was one year in October.  Mali has been my best friend since 10th grade and he told me WHBC was hiring.  Came in to interview with Robert and here I am!
WHBC: You work here, but also go to school, yes?
J: I’m going to ODU for Criminal Justice.  I graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2018, then plan to go to law school.
WHBC: So you want to be a lawyer?
J: No,I want to work for the FBI in the Behavioral Analysis Unit.
WHBC: Woah.  How did this career path present itself?
J: My mom was a paralegal, so I was always watching and listening to her which made me want to go to law school.  I like to argue :).  My mom always told me I’d either be getting people out of jail or getting myself into it!
WHBC: Hahaha!  Thankfully it’s the former!  How long will you be at law school?
J: 2 years, then I take the bar exam.
WHBC: So this is the job you pictured yourself striving toward as a child?
J: Haha.  No.  When I was 8 years old or so I wanted to be a school bus driver.  I would ride my bike around the neighborhood and stopped at every driveway like I was picking kids up.  I even acted like I was opening the bus doors.
WHBC: That’s actually awesome. Haha.  And now you want a job with the FBI.  Do you want to stay locally or travel with that job?
J: I’d like to go overseas to Europe, specifically Italy.  My brother lived there and when I visited, I loved it!  I would love to go back.
WHBC: You’ve been to Italy (totally jelly by the way). Do you like to travel?
J: I love it.  My favorite trip ever was a mission trip to Burkina Faso, Africa when I was 17.
WHBC: I’m going to need to hear more about that!
J: It was so humbling.  Really the best experience of my life.  We gave them Christmas, you know, toys and things, but they gave us so much more in return – emotionally and mentally.  I have a Godson there; his name is Yann.  When I came back I got an Africa tattoo on my shoulder.  I was only there for two weeks, but I want to go back so bad!  Maybe for a whole summer!  I still keep in touch with some of the locals and missionaries there.
WHBC: I’m sure being there was quite a change from here.
J: One of the things I remember most is the stars.  Where we were, there was no light pollution, we were right on the Equator, and the sky is so clear.  You can see tons of shooting stars all at once.  It was beautiful.
WHBC: That sounds incredible!  How fortunate for you to be able to have that experience!  With everything going on with you, do you have time for any hobbies?!
J: Well, I work and go to school full time, I am getting ready to be an auntie so I am sure I’ll be babysitting in my free time.  I like to ride my horse, Miracle.  I actually just made the ODU Equestrian team.  Did my first jump in years the other day.  I was so nervous, but pulled it off.  It was great!
WHBC:  Awesome!  Back to the work side of things, what is your favorite part about working here?
J: The environment; I like that the customers know me now.  I love seeing all the Mug Club people come in.  Connie and Julian are probably my favorite – I call them my Wharf Hill parents haha.  Especially Julian – he’s always giving me advice and looking out for me!
WHBC: Yeah, they are some of my favorite people too!  Do you have any server-ly advice for someone just starting out?
J: Be personable.  Get to know the people you’re serving.  They and you will be more comfortable.  Oh and know the computer system!!  It’s so hard when it’s busy if you don’t know how to use it properly.
WHBC: Do you have favorite people to work with?
J: Aubrey and I have some really interesting conversations.  I like working with Ron too because he’s extra with me haha.
WHBC:Okay last question.  If you were to die and come back as any animal in the world, what would you choose?
J:My dog Eli, for sure.  He has the best life.  He’s spoiled; all he does is lay around and make everyone feel like he’s in love with them.  All he has to worry about is when his parents are coming home to love him, sleeping, and chasing cats.
WHBC:Sounds like an okay life for sure!  Thanks Janna!


So what’s it like working with Janna?  Let’s see..
Chance: “She makes work more interesting and upbeat, with a lot more laughs than normal!”
Ron: “She makes my time at work more enjoyable because she keeps me entertained.”
Rachel: “I love working with Janna Banana.  She’s always giving me lots of laughs and is someone who gets goofy at work with me.  Janna is a strong young lady with a fierceness about her that demands respect.  She’s got a heart of gold <3”
Anonymous person who didn’t follow instructions and write their name after their quote like I asked, but still wanted to write something witty and funny: “Well, since you asked, working with Janna is like drying yourself with a wet towel – it’s better than no towel, but you don’t feel at all satisfied. NOT!  She’s totally a dry towel gal!”
On any given night, you are bound to see Janna’s beautiful smiling face around the Wharf!  Be sure to say hi!
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