Meet Sarah

Our staff spotlights are getting fewer and farther between since we’ve been busier, but I promise to keep them coming.  Let’s meet Sarah.




Quick Facts:
Name: Sarah Parker
Age: 22, Bday 12/28
Position: Server
Birthplace: Virginia Beach
Favorite WHBC Beer Wine: Riesling
Favorite WHBC Food: Non Wontons
Education: Princess Anne High, TCC

WHBC: Finally getting around to your interview!!  So, Sarah, how long have you worked here?
S: Since October.  I found out about the job through my boyfriend because he lives here in Smithfield.  Once I was hired, I moved in with him from Virginia Beach.
WHBC: You’ve worked at other restaurants before?
S: I did – Bahama Breeze, Olive Garden, Red Lobster.
WHBC: And what do you like best about working here?
S: The regulars; it seems everyone knows my name.  That’s not how it is in Virginia Beach.
WHBC: Do you have a favorite regular?
S: Too many! Julian for sure though!
WHBC: If I may make an observation…you are perpetual motion.  You’re like the energizer bunny.
S: Ha yeah.  I walk fast, talk fast – all the time.  I’m forgetful so I have to do things right away.  If I don’t get everything done, I just can’t relax.
WHBC: You are a flurry of energy for sure!  What do you find to be the hardest thing about working in a restaurant?
S: Not being able to give great service due to things I can’t control.  I just want everyone who comes in to have a good time.
WHBC: That’s a great attitude to have!  So moving past the restaurant industry, what are your career goals?
S: I wanted to be a teacher for a while, but there is no money to be made there!  I know I want to work with kids, I’m just not sure how yet.
WHBC: Fair enough. Onto hobbies then, what do you do with your spare time?
S: I used to dance competitively until I was 18.  Tap, jazz, ballet.  Now I just do stretching!  I play with my animals and hang out with my fiancé.
WHBC: Yes, of course!  You’re recently engaged. Congratulations!
S: Thanks.  We’ve been together for 4 years.  Hope to get married in October 2018, but it’ll depend on finances.  House shopping and wedding planning at the same time is stressful!
WHBC: I’m sure!  I can picture you having a totally flower child wedding.
S: I would love that actually.  But it still costs money, so we will see what happens!
WHBC: You go to a lot of music festivals don’t you?
S: Yeah, I like festivals because you can be weird and awkward an no one cares.
WHBC: Tell me about your tattoos.  They seem to be something you enjoy also.
S: I have 8 total; my wrist, bicep, stomach, back, neck, ankle, and foot.  The one on my ankle is an I Love You symbol with my sister.  My foot I had done on my 18th birthday and it says Carpe Diem.  The willow tree tattoo is for me and my mom and sister.  My mom is the tree, I’m the sun and my sister is the moon.  Though she will argue which is which. But I’m definitely the sun because I’m bright and cheerful.  My sister is cooler and more logical; more moon like I think.
WHBC: Very cool.  Tell me one last thing people may not realize about you.
S: I’m the only one here who still wears ties all the time.  And I don’t eat seafood because it smells. haha. And a lot of people don’t know I have no real connection to my family.  Just my sister and my Gramma.
WHBC: Interesting…final silly question.  Tell me what animal you would be and why.
S: A squirrel, definitely.  They are all over the place and no one judges them for it! haha
WHBC: Haha.  I guess that’s true.  Thanks for sitting down with me today!
Want to know what it’s like working with Sarah?  Read on…
Debbie: “I love Sarah!  She’s so full of energy and life; genuine and honest.  She’s hardworking and gives all her customers her best.  She’s great to work with!”
Chloe: ” Sarah is fun and extremely bubbly. She’s full of joy and plenty of laughs.  She always tells us her tables don’t get her, but that’s because her personality is definitely one of a kind!  If there’s one thing I may add is that Sarah is truly amazing at her job.”
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