Meet Aubrey

Summer has passed, and we have a little downtime, so we are getting back into our Staff Spotlights.  So kick back and meet Aubrey!

Quick Facts
Name: Aubrey Redditt
Age: 23, Bday 2/22
Position: Server
Hometown: Alexandria then Hampton
Favorite WHBC food: Different Chicken
Favorite WHBC beer: Not a beer drinker, but I like sours
Education: Smithfield High, then Thomas Nelson
WHBC: What did you go to Thomas Nelson for?
Aubrey: Elementary education.  I wanted to teach Kindergarten because small children understand me and I understand them.
WHBC: What did you do after you left Thomas Nelson?
A: I worked at Food Lion as a cake decorator.  I worked there for 5 years total.
WHBC: So what was the weirdest thing you ever had to put on a cake?
A: I never had to put anything weird on any, but once I ordered one for a grown adult that read “I’m sorry you pooped the bed.”
WHBC: HAHAHA.  We will not reveal names to protect the innocent and stinky.  So how long have you worked here?
A: Since we opened. I’m an original.
WHBC: You are indeed.  So this round of interviews, I’ve asked our customers to give us some questions to ask.  First one – what is your spirit animal?
A: A sloth. I have a personal attachment to sloths.  When I was younger, I did an overly elaborate trifold presentation on sloths and it was chosen to be in the glass case at the front of the school.  It made an impact.
WHBC: Perfect!  You should look up pangolins too.  They’re quite something.  So moving on to some more of your favorite things…enlighten us.
A: Pizza with pineapple, reading a variety of things (I really liked Looking for Alaska), watching Netflix.
WHBC: Oooh.  What are your go to Netflix shows?
A: Atypical, which you would really like.  The Office (American version), Parks & Rec.
WHBC: So that’s TV, what about music.  If you were only able to listen to one artist for the rest of your life, who would it be?
A: Blink 182
WHBC:  So do you sing in the shower?
A: I am so blind, so all of my brainpower goes into not hurting myself while I’m in there.  I don’t sing haha.
WHBC: What if you had the opportunity to talk to anyone in history?  Who would it be?
A: Probably the committee who demoted Pluto.  They have some things to explain.  **Side note – super funny 6 minute podcast skit about the demotion of Pluto can be heard by clicking here. Done by The Fabrications with guest appearance by your friendly neighborhood bartender.**
WHBC: Yeah, I had some questions about that too, but I totally get it. So we are going to do some word association.  I will give you a word, and you give me the first thing you think of.  Reader note: I am not offering any elaboration on her answers to allow you to use your imagination.
A:  Okay, wait, I have to stop thinking about penguins first.
WHBC: Hahaha.  Probably a good start.  First word: Halloween
A: Michael Myers
WHBC: Second word: Necessary
A: birds
WHBC: Last word: Comfortable
A: Mocassins
WHBC: You crack me up.  Okay, a couple more questions.  What is one big misconception people have about you?  For example, when I first met you, I called you Grumpy Cat if you remember.  I thought you were always in a bad mood, but that’s the exact opposite of true.
A: That’s it.  Most people first think I’m grumpy.  I don’t know why.  Honestly, I’m the most uninteresting person in the world; if it weren’t for my sense of humour, I wouldn’t have much going for me.
WHBC: Well, I find you delightful.  I need you to tell me some words of wisdom for the younger generation.
A: I think you should try harder in high school.  If I had tried harder, I’d be in a totally different spot.  And only care about things worth caring about; the things YOU think you should care about.   Give a damn, but give the appropriate damns.*    *Quote edited to avoid using a worse curse word.  But if you want to figure out what the quote would actually have said, you may want to search for a certain book by Mark Manson with a bright orange cover.
WHBC: So very perfect.  Thanks for taking the time to hang with me today.
Read on to hear what fellow staff members love most about Aubrey.
Preston: “Aubrey is most likely to be famous for a hilarious, anonymous gossip column.  Most likely to make millions for it…famous and anonymous is possible.  She also has the most tea at Wharf Hill.”
Chloe: ” ‘It’s my world, y’all just living in it.’ That’s a direct quote from her lol.  But working with Aubrey is extremely chill; she’s always super mellow but happy and somewhat bubbly.  I think it’s safe to say it’s like working with a Sprite!”
Alexis: “Working with Aubrey can be very interesting.  I love listening to her wild stories every shift.  It’s a blast and I enjoy working with her!”
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