Meet Nick

I’m using this snowday to type up a little interview I did with Nick this past week.  Read on…

Quick Facts
Name: Nick Balentine A.K.A. Superman
Age: 17, Bday 6/14
Position: Dishwasher
Hometown: Smithfield, VA
Favorite WHBC food: Burgers
Favorite WHBC beer: Underage!
Education: Smithfield High
WHBC: Hey Nick, how long have you worked here?
Nick: It’s been about a year.
WHBC: You’re done with school this month right?  What are your plans now? (A high school senior’s favorite question, I know)
N: Well, I’m done with classes this month, but I will walk with my class to graduate in January.  I plan to go into the Navy next year.
WHBC: Right!  You’re from a Navy family, yes?
N: Yeah, my mom was in the Navy and my dad still is.  He’s been in for 20 years.
WHBC: That’s awesome; what does he do?
N: He’s an Aviation Boatswain Mate.
WHBC: Is that what you want to do also?  Or something different?
N: For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to go into the Navy.  I’ve wanted to enlist and do exactly what my dad does.
WHBC: So when do you plan to start your career?
N: Probably next year; I’d like one more round of holidays at home before leaving.
WHBC: You have siblings at home too?
N: I’ve got two younger brothers.
WHBC:  So what do you do in your spare time?
N: I hang out at my grandparents’ house and help them out.
WHBC: What kind of music do you like to listen to?
N: Probably country; my favorite group is Florida Georgia Line.
WHBC: Ever seen them in concert?
N:  Nope.
WHBC: Well, there’s your fist bucket list item.  Speaking of that…any other things already on that list?
N: Go to Hawaii and Australia.  And go skydiving.
WHBC: Oh gosh…sky diving.  I’m terrified of the thought.  But Hawaii was definitely worth the trip!
WHBC: Last question…if you could talk to any person (or group of people) from history, who would it be and why?
N: Ronald Reagan because he’s one of my favorite presidents and I feel like it would be cool to talk to him.
WHBC: What words of wisdom do you have for those younger than you?
N: I guess to not worry about what other people say or are doing.  Just keep your head down and focus on what you want to do.
Wondering what it’s like to work with Nick?  He’s almost always upbeat and encouraging of everyone around him.  I’ve known him to just tell someone they’re doing great out of the blue.
Joe says, “He’s a hard worker and easy to get along with…until he starts talking about the Patriots.”
Brooke: “Nick is very nice and always helpful.”
Kylee: “He talks too much and always wears a Superman shirt, but he shares his Skittles with me, so he’s alright in my book!”

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