Vision & Accommodations


My vision for WHBC is to create an authentic brewpub with three goals:

  • Serve great local beer, libations, and food.
  • Wrap customers in a warm historic building.
  • Build a family amongst the staff and diners.

Authenticity is what we offer. When a person pushes open the pub door, I want them to feel that they have arrived somewhere worth their time, their money, and their appetite. In short, we wish to delight all who step into Wharf Hill Brewing Company. If we delight you, then all of our efforts have been well-spent.

–W. Lee Duncan


WHBC is a full service brewpub with a fully stocked bar, kitchen, and brewery. Where there was once three separated businesses, we now offer a bar, dining room, and an event space.

The Barroom

Our bar accommodates up to 40 people and features a full-service bar. We have eight beers on draft: four WHBC brews and four local brewery beers. We also offer an excellent wine list and spirits blended by fearless mixologists. You can perch at the bar on barstools, sit by the plate glass windows in smooth oak chairs, or rest on the banquette—our beer bench built from lumber saved from a 1900 school house. Those inclined to misbehave can stand in the corner.


The Dining Room
We offer seats for 50 diners at two or four chair tables, or three consecrated booths. The tables are made from roofing boards from the schoolhouse, and feature 1970’s German beer coasters. Tables can be combined to accommodate larger families, or you may slide into a booth. Our booth benches are built from 1915 oak church pews. (Hey, Monks drank beer and wine…) Purring ceiling fans and vintage lighting hang from our 1920’s metal ceiling to wash our dining room with warm conviviality.

The Banquette Room (The Sinclair Room)
Our Banquette Room is designed for private parties, receptions, live music or other special occasions. It accommodates 40 people sitting, and 60 standing, and features flooring recovered from Fort Monroe and the 1906 stage boards from the Elk’s Hall relocated from the 2nd floor. Our room is fully handicapped accessible, and leads to the Dining Room and Bar beyond. Call us for reservations and planning.

We have THREE (and they are all Ladies Rooms). Our three bathrooms are designed for accessibility, open on 1840’s doors and 1920’s metal ceilings. You won’t find a nicer Comfort Room on Wharf Hill!